Poor neglected blogs

Not blogging much lately; I've fallen out of the rhythm. Here's hoping I get it back. I was having a lot of fun with it before my hard drive crash.

Hell, I've been so negligent that I didn't even jump on the "Fair and Balanced" bandwagon.

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Jihad as addiction

From Jessica Stern's editorial today in the New York Times:

While there is no single root cause of terrorism, my interviews with terrorists over the past five years suggest that alienation, perceived humiliation and lack of political and economic opportunities make young men susceptible to extremism. It can evolve easily into violence when government institutions are weak and there is money available to pay for a holy war. America is unlikely to win the hearts and minds of committed terrorists. After some time on the job, it is hard for them to imagine another life. Several described jihad to me as being "addictive."

I don't mean to slam the editorial -- I think she makes many good points -- but the way she uses uses addiction as an explanation for terrorism seems misguided.

It's the familiar narrative of alienation leading people to destructive, addictive behavior, but in this case drugs have been replaced by jihad. Does this really help explain anything? The invocation of a clinical category, complete with the quotations around the word addictive to make it sound more like a case history. (Are the quotations really needed for any other purpose?)

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Rich Blogging Clients

A good discussion of "rich client" blogging tools at SocialDynamX. I haven't been able to blog from home lately, and I miss using FM radio, even though, as web clients go, TypePad has a pretty cool one.

Also an interesting suggestion about using FM Radio as the writing surface for other blogs, such as TypePad. I'm tempted to do that here, but you have to install Radio, and this is not the computer that hosts my Radio blog. I suppose that even if upstreaming to turned on by accident, it wouldn't obliterate my blog unless I actually tried to post, but still...

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More multiblogging

Scobleizer remarks about the number of people switching to TypePad. I wasn't actually aware of that.

I've come to link both blogging system and I'm not sure what to do. I suppose I'll continue to multiblog for a while -- though this really works better when each blog has distance themes. Scobleizer plans to multiblog and use a TypePad blog to discuss Longhorn.

Meanwhile, I still have little choice if I want to blog during the day, since I don't have a remote connection to my home PC right now. Email-to-blog is a nice feature but I'm too paranoid I'd post something and then want to delete it or rewrite it.

Very funny flash animation that's making it's way around the blogosphere; a rant against blindly forwarding email messages around the web.

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All Day Permanent Red is up and running again, thanks to Lawrence Lee at Userland, but I just got it going on Friday and haven't had much to say there yet. I had to redo the customizations to my templates, and then reconstruct the Crusing for Howard Dean category. (I've also been doing much cruising for Howard Dean the past few weeks, but so far it hasn't seemed to hurt his campaign.)

It seems a lot of people are writing multiple blogs using multiple blogging systems. I don't think I'll really end up doing that -- I'm not actually writing enough to sustain two real blogs, but I might keep up this blog just so I can play around with movable type. Also, I don't have access to my home computer right now, so I can't use my Radio blog until this evening. And when you gotta blog...

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Hamlet Again

Really enjoyed the production of Hamlet at Shakespeare Santa Cruz. A fairly conventional production, with a leather-jacket wearing Hamlet played by Ryan Artzberger. He seemed comfortable playing Hamlet, and I don't think I've seen that very many actors.

Claudius, however... Why does that seem to be such a hard role?

I don't think I've ever left a performance of Hamlet thinking, wow, what a fantastic Claudius. I'm beginning to think that it's simply an impossible role. Competent actors mangle it, while the better ones seem to be able to do no more than not embarrass themselves. He's oddly bland, which is something I never realized while reading the play. Theodore Swetz seems to have thrown a lot of talent into the role, but still achieved no more than a vague sense of villainy.

They are also doing The Comedy of Errors, and I've heard it's very good. But I'm having a hard time convincing people to make another trek from San Francisco to Santa Cruz. What to do?

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Enough! Enough about horses! Enough I say!


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The Anxiety of the homeless blogger

Not exactly homeless, but, what if I grow to like it here? I've developed a not-huge but not-insignificant reader base at my salon blog; I wonder how hard it is to reestablish that.

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More Hamlet

Here's the set from Hamlet: you can see a larger version on the SSC web site. I assume it's OK to respost this small one -- the site prohibits commercial reuse of the images, but, hey, I'm not blegging. (Also wanted to test posting images on the blog, honestly.)


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Shakespeare Santa Cruz

Going to drive to Santa Cruz with some friends to see the Shakespeare Santa Cruz production of Hamlet. I've been going to SSC for the past few years. I've seen some great performances there as well as some rather flat ones, but you gotta love their outdoor theater (the Glen). Say The Sea Gull last year, and the outdoor setting was perfect -- though I wouldn't have thought so before. This is, I think, the first time that I'm seeing an outdoor performance of Hamlet.

Suppose Hamlet could only be done at night outdoors -- or you'd have rather silly looking ghosts. Too bad--I love going to the afternoon performances, when it sometimes gets very hot, but seeing the sun in the redwoods behind the stage...

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Just discovered w.blogger, a desktop blogging tool that, I think, works with all major blogging system. So far it looks pretty cool.

Not sure what the categories on typepad are for. Just metadata for searching? (Doh, guess it's time to take a look at the help link). By the way, anyone know where the best sites are for developer documentation for movable type?

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Infinite Recall

OK, someone must have made this joke by now about Arnold Schwarzenegger and his movie Total Recall. If Arnold gets elected, as many people seem to think is likely, it's time for infinite recall: let's just get a petition together -- as it seems so preposterously easy to do it -- recall Arnold, have him elected again, recall him again, and repeat until his term is over.

If California is going to have such a ridiculous government, we might as well push it all the way into the truly absurd.

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